The Blue Bus and the Media

Prior to the screening of The Blue Bus at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, various Dutch media payed attention to the film.

Dutch magazine Elsevier and newspaper Brabants Dagblad, both published an article about The Blue Bus. But there was more. National radioshow 'Tijd Voor Twee' interviewed director Sanne Kortooms.

Listen to the interview.


March 10, 2011

Audience Award NTR New Arrivals

The Blue Bus has won the audience award of the NTR New Arrivals Competition 2010.

Therefore the film will be screened at the 83rd International Film Festival Rotterdam.

January 30, 2011

The Blue Bus in biography Jan Mulder

On a warm summer day in 2009, writer Guido Derksen attended Jan Mulder to the filmset of The Blue Bus. The report of this day can be read in the long-expected biography of ex soccer player, writer and TV personality Jan Mulder, which appeared on November 1st 2010. In the voluminous table-book, they also included a promo photo of the film.

In december The Blue Bus screened at several places. At december 8 it showed at Skena Up Film Festival in Pristhina, Kosovo. December 18 and 19 it could be seen together with Pretty Mouth, Green Eyes at the first edition of the Eindhovens Film Festival. At the same festival, The Blue Bus was nominated for 'Best Sound' and 'Best Art Direction' and could take home the price for 'Best PR'!

December 28, 2010

Italian subs and more!

The Blue Bus will screen at the following festivals:

For the last month, The Blue Bus didn't only screen in London and Utrecht but also in Italy! It was a surprice: the director had to find out via Twitter that The Blue Bus actually showed at the Pentedattilo Film Festival. A Dutch artist happend to see the film and posted a tweet about her experience. The Pentedattilo Film Festival even bothered to add Italian subtitles!

October 13, 2010

The Blue Bus in Utrecht and London

We're proud to announce that The Blue Bus has been selected for the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht. The festival will run from september 22 until october 1st 2010. The Blue Bus is to be seen at the following days:

  • 26-09-2010 at 22:15 hours in Louis Hartlooper Complex
  • 30-09-2010 at 14:00 hours in Louis Hartlooper Complex

The Blue Bus will also run on september 16th at the Portobello Film Festival in London. The festival is located in Notting Hill and will run from september 2nd until september 19th 2010.

August 31, 2010

The Blue Bus at IMDb

Recently, The Blue Bus has got it's own title page on IMDb (Internet Movie database). As well as information about cast and crew, you'll find some fun stuff like 'trivia' and 'memorable quotes' from the movie.

August 30, 2010

The Blue Bus wins 'Best International Student Film' and 'Best Cinematography' award!

Satuday june 19th, The Blue Bus received two prices at the international student film festival in Cambridge (UK). The film was nominated for best director, best effects, best cinematography and best international film. In the end, Ewoud Bon – DOP of The Blue Bus – could take the Best Cinematography award back home. Above all The Blue Bus won the most important award of the night: Best International Film. All in all reason enough for a party! We would like to thank the jury for granting the awards to our film!

July 4, 2010

The Blue Bus winner of 'Silver Egg'

May 14th 2010, The Blue Bus was the closing film of the Film Front Festival (NL). The same night, the prices for best short film were announced and The Blue Bus was rewarderd with the 'Silver Egg'. The jury said it was a 'great film to watch' and praised the structure, the filmic look, and the way the music was used within the film.

The Blue Bus tour is going strong; This month the film can be seen at the Student Film Festival Cam*Era in Camebridge, and at the prestigious In The Palace Short Film Fest Bulgaria. Pretty Mouth, Green Eyes (Kortooms' other film) is also selected and both films are in competition.

Renowned Dutch film magazine Skrien this month payed widely attention to The Blues Bus and also a Dutch newspaper wrote a piece on the film.

Stay tuned as The Blue Bus tour continous!

June 8, 2010

Press, festivals and nominations

Good news! The Blue Bus tour has officially started!

  • Friday may 14th, The Blue Bus will be the closing film of the Film Front Festival, in Gorinchem. The film is also nominated for a Golden Egg.

  • From may 12th until may 23th, The Blue Bus can be viewed at the Short Film Corner of the filmfestival in Cannes.

  • From may 30th until june 6th, The Blue Bus will be shown at the Krakow Film Festival, in Krakow, Poland. The film is also nominated for the Golden Dragen, which is the price for best short film.

Besides these festivals, The Blues Bus will be shown every saturday night (till july) in the cinema of Broet, in Eindhoven. Tickets are available (€ 5,00) and can be booked via

April 17th, The Blue Bus had it's premiere for the public. Besides an enthusiastic audience, the press also showed it's interest in the film. Several media did write an article on The Blue Bus: Eindhovens Dagblad, Brabants Dagblad, Dé Weekkrant, De Tweeterp and also, one of Hollands well-established film magazines; Skrien.

May 9, 2010

The Blue Bus in the Theatre

Broet, a platform for filmmakers and filmlovers, will show The Blue Bus, in their movie theatre in Eindhoven. The première will take place in the evening of april 17th, after that, the films can be seen until july 2010. Pretty Mouth, Green Eyes will also be shown as an 'additional film'.

With Broet, founders Ramon Etman and Frans Brok want to give film talent the chance to develop themselves. They also want to show filmlovers films that didn't got the chance to be showed through the mainstream distribution channel, but are films that deserve it to be seen by more people.

Tickets (€ 5,00) can be orderd through and are available for Saturday april 17th, (7pm, 8pm and 9pm) and Saturday april 24th (8pm). For information see

March 19, 2010

Festival de Cannes, Short Film Corner

During the Cannes filmfestival, from 12 – 22 may 2010, The Blue Bus will be shown at the Short Film Corner. Stay tuned for more information!

March 19, 2010

Experience the blues with The Blue Bus

When copywriter Wouter Janssen first saw The Blue Bus, it stiumulated him and he decided to give his opinion about it and started to write a review.

Therby the first review of The Blue Bus is a fact! Here you can read for yourself what Janssens opinions about the film are.

February 10, 2010

Dutch media writes about The Blue Bus

The press didn't fail to notice Sanne Kortooms' latest movie.

Mary van Erp interviewed Sanne about her movie The Blue Bus and her plans for the future. The article was published wednesday october 29, 2009 in Het Brabants Dagblad.

Wilko Peenstra asked Sanne how it was to shoot the film in Dordrecht and whether the people from Dordrecht were hospitable to the filmcrew. The result appeard in AD Drechtsteden, october 31, 2009.

November 01, 2009

Finally Finished

After spending months in the editing room, hardly catching any daylight, the screening of The Blue Bus was a relieve. For the first time cast and crew could see the final result of the project they'd been working on for such a long time. Also, family and friends saw what was the cause of the fact that the same cast and crew hardly had time to return their calls.

After the screening of the film the reactions were positive and the only tears that were shed were those of happiness and relief.

We would like to thank everybody for their presence and warm responses.

October 31, 2009

The Blue Bus wins MyDesignAward

MyDesignAward honored The Blue Bus with a Design Award for exellence in web designing, and will be added in to the awarded category.

September 25, 2009


"Am I dead or does this only seem to be so?"

Detective Wikkobus suffers from 'the blues'. After fifty-five years of letting other people dictate his life, without having taken any initiative, only hanging around the blues cafe, drinking whiskey and searching for things that don't matter anyway, he has had enough of it. Wikkobus decides to go and find himself because, as he knows: 'Hell is what you make of it'.

The Blue Bus takes the viewer on a dazzling musical journey with colourful characters who will touch the lives of even those who claim never to have heard of 'the blues'.

Dedicated to Charles Bukowski

Additional Details

  • Running time: 30 minutes
  • Language: Dutch
  • Subtitles: English
  • Color: Black and White / Color
  • Screen: 16:9
  • Format: HD



Download de Flash Player en bekijk de teaser.

The Screenwriter/Director

The Blue Bus is the second part of the diptich about interaction between people and in a person (in short "About People"), on which Sanne Kortooms this year graduated (with honors) as a screenwriter and director (MA) at The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).

Mooie Mond en Mijn Ogen Groen is the first part of the diptich. Sanne also wrote a thesis about noveladaptations (Het Boek en De Film), in which she'll investigate why poeple often think that "Books are better then the movie version" and what in fact is the crux of a good noveladaptation.

Besides school, Sanne works as a freelance filmmaker and textwriter. Every weekday she posts self-written poems and short stories on her website. In 2008 Dutch Bloggies nominated for 'best written weblog literature'.

Frank Groothof

Frank studied at the academy of music. After his study he became a part ot the theatre company Het Werktheater and acted in several plays and movies. Beside that, he and his brother created a theater play calles Brothers. Later, the play also became a TV show. Most people will know Frank from his perfomance in Sesamstraat and Het Klokhuis. Nowadays Frank is perfoming in various theater shows (mostly with a lot of music) for children and their parants.

Xander van Vledder

Xander attended the academy of performing arts in Maastricht. He graduated in 2007. Since then he performed in plays like: Alexander (Het Toneel Speelt), The Wide Land (Theatercompagnie) Flowerdress (Zuidelijk Toneel). He also played Andrej in 3 Sisters, which was directed by Hans Croiset. In 2008, Xander became a regular member of the Nationale Toneel ensemble. Last season he perfomed in As You Like It, by William Shakespeare.

Lauretta Gerards

Lauretta has had dance, singing and pianolessons ever since she was a little child. She now, sings in a few bands. When she was little she presented a TV show and a few years later, she also had a radioshow called SmartkidZ. She perfomed the theaterplay The Knife. Since 2006 she plays on a daily bassis in one of the most populair soap opera's on Dutch television: ONM.

Monique van der Werff

Monique attended the Amsterdam Theater Academy and the Cabaret Academy Paul Rooyakkers. She played a part in the dutch soap opera ONM and perfomed in the film Loverboy. She is well known for te part she had in a televison series for kids, Zoop. Besides film and television, theater is her passion. She perfomed in Tartuffe and Hurly Burly.

Jan Mulder

Jan was famous for being a pro soccer player. And played serveral times for the Dutch soccer team. Nowadays he is a television personality (Barend & Van Dorp, De Werled Draait Door), a writer and a columnist. He also acted in Postbank commercials and the film Sextet, by Eddy Terstal.

Hans Dulfer

Hans is a very succesfull saxophonist. Hij perfomed with Herman Brood, Jan Akkerman en John McLaughlin. He won different awards. By the end of the nineties he was very succesfull in Japan. Besides his music career he wrote columns for OOR, a dutch music magazine and presented different radioshows.

Michiel Blijboom

Michiel is journalist and writes for dutch magazines (Panorama, HP/De Tijd en Voetbal Magazine). Besides writing, Michiel perfomes on a regual basis in commercials like McDonalds. He also played in a short film, Uitvaart #72, by Lotje van der Bie

Maarten Rooijakkers

For six years, maarten is landlord of Dollars Muziekcafe Nijmegen. His nickname is 'Bassanova' and he plays the bass in six different bands. Roadpizza is one of them. Twelve years ago Maarten came up with the idea to make his contrabass gold, which is very likely to be the one and only golden contrabass in the Netherlands.


  • Producers: Ronald Kunneman, Jan Gerards, Samuel Prins
  • Director & Screenwriter: Sanne Kortooms
  • D.O.P: Ewoud Bon
  • Editor, Color Correction & Special Effects: Bram Corstjens
  • Second AD: Chris Kasbergen
  • Sound Supervisor: Mark Thur
  • Boom Operator: Menno Schaatsbergen, Toon Bolland, Leleane Lindenaar
  • Music: The Tralala's, Luuk Bergervoet, Individual Fruit Pie, Kging
  • Gaffer: Peter Bouwens
  • Grip: Stijn Hoekstra, Tijs Kuijpers
  • Production Design: Iris Jacobs, Nathalie Veen
  • Costume: Lotte Noordermeer, Myrthe Nijboer, Marcellino Larijn
  • Make-up: Pietertje Schmitt
  • First AD: Fem Petraeus
  • Casting: Dennis Overeem (Kemna Casting), Fem Petraeus
  • Extra's Conduct: Polly M.
  • Animator: Anton van Opstal, Bram Corstjens
  • Still Photographer: Ewoud Bon, Richard Spierings
  • Image Manipulation: Berry Timmermans
  • Graphic Design and Interactive Media: filthproductions, Berry Timmermans
  • Set Photographer: Bram Corstjens, Richard Spierings

Set Photo's


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  • HJ


Soundtrack 'Wikkoblues'

Performed by The Tralala's, this is the official soundtrack of De Blauwe Bus. Order the 'Wikkoblues' CD (limited edition) via the contactform or download the MP3 soundtrack.


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